Our Journey

Our Journey

To Know What You Are Is To Be At Peace

Peace and happiness are your natural state, and to know what you are is to be at peace. How do you come to know this peace that you are? It is a remembering, really, and you remember it by letting go of the things that you use to hide it. It is always there. You are never separate from it. You only think you are separate from it.

Finding peace is actually very simple. You need to look for it where it is. You need to look for it inside of you. True, lasting peace does not come from the world, for the world is what you made to hide it. The place to find what you really are is inside. The world is there only for you to realize that you made it and that you can let it go. The world is there to show you what is not real, so that you can begin to look for what is real. You are not an insignificant person on a world full of millions of people. You are the creator of this world, and you are everything on the world, as well as the world itself and the entire universe. It is not somewhere out there. It is inside of you.

You have forgotten what you are. At least, you have buried the memory and the knowing of what you are. That does not mean that you are lost to yourself. You can never be lost. That only means that you have to know the way back to yourself and follow that way. It is then that you set yourself free. All conflict goes, and you are at peace.

If Your Natural State Is Peace and Happiness, Why Do You Have Problems?

If your natural state is peace and happiness, why do you have problems? How do problems arise? They begin with the stories you have about yourself and about others. From the time you were an infant, your identity was being built as a response to the people and things in your environment. Somebody would say something to you about yourself, and you would take it on as who you were. The beginnings of your individual identity began immediately when you were born.

When you got a little older, your reactions created more of an identity. Depending on what you said or did, you got either positive or negative feedback or even no feedback. You learned about yourself and others from the feedback. As you grew, you continually tried things and continually received feedback. You watched the world, and you watched the people in your life. You learned how the world worked, and you made, in your mind, stories about the world, the people in it and yourself.

Each year of your life the story grew more complex. Then the world grew more complex. There was no way anymore for the mind to identify with anything other than the story. And in that story was seldom any peace or happiness or harmony.

From Your Story Comes Your Belief In Separation

From your story comes the belief that you are separate. From your belief in separation comes fear and all the problems you face.

What you think, what you say and what you do are things that help to secure for yourself your own personal identity. The body that you call yourself is the central figure in your life. It sets you apart. It makes you different from everyone else, and everyone else does the same thing. They make themselves the central figure in their lives.

And then, in your mind, you judge others according to the standards and the practices that you hold dear. You make the body very important, yet that importance is misplaced. The thing you treasure sets you apart. So, in effect, you treasure being separate.

This creates so much conflict. It creates a world that cannot be at peace, whether it is internally or externally, for you think what is internal and what is external is also different and separate. Peace cannot be found by living like that. Peace can only be found when you know that you are not separate, when the body that you cherish and build your life around becomes the least important thing. Holding the body as the central figure in your life makes it impossible to see what is real.

With the body as the central figure, you believe there are other bodies separate from you. You believe that there are differences that are so very important between you and others. You believe that one set of beliefs or values is better or more important than another set. You believe wholeheartedly in a world that is built on separation: this person and that person; this family and that family; this color and that color; this religion and that religion; this country and that country. It is a world divided. It is a world of conflict.

Spiritual Healing Comes From The Knowledge That You Are Whole

Spiritual healing comes from the knowledge that you are whole. You are already the peace that you are seeking. You live in a world that you perceive as real, because you have forgotten that you are Spirit. This world is really just a dream projected by your mind. It seems to be real and true, because you attach meaning to people and experiences and interpret everything you see. You see everything as separate: one person separate from another, one place separate from another, one thing separate from another. Since you see all things as separate, you feel separate. You feel lost, inadequate, weak and incomplete.

Even though the body seems to be independent, it really only responds to the mind and what the mind wants. Because it thinks it is separate, the mind attacks and defends, and thus the body becomes sick.

Spirit teaches you a way out of your dream. That way out is forgiveness, a forgiveness not in the charitable sense, but in the realization that it’s a dream and you can wake up. In the healing process, Spirit guides you to look at those things in your unconscious mind that keep you in those patterns that cause you discomfort and pain and then helps you to release them through love and forgiveness.

Spirit helps you shift your consciousness to a place beyond the physical plane, where there is less chaos and more peace. There your mind is less affected by your experiences. When Spirit helps you shift even higher, you start to lose the identity you have built up about yourself, the stories you tell about yourself to others and to yourself. And you get a taste that there is something else beyond the story. There’s something else beyond all that you have known as real. And you begin to understand that it is not real. Anything can be transformed here.

Spirit is not limited by form and so has an unlimited ability to help you, and help is always given in the way best suited to each person. Spirit can help you with any place you feel stuck and can’t find the answers you need. Spirit can help you let go of past pain or loss or insecurities and helps you move forward. Spirit can help you with stagnant or toxic work situations and co-workers. Spirit can help you with family problems. And Spirit can help you with physical and emotional problems. Any area of your life where you feel stuck is an area Spirit can help heal. There is no reason at all to continue to feel pain.

Each problem you heal calls back a separated part of you. The more you heal, the more you become whole again. The more you heal, the more your inherent peace and happiness become your daily experience.

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