I was born an identical twin. My sister and I looked so much alike that people had a hard time telling us apart. In addition to the shared physical traits, we had shared thoughts, and, when we were very young, our own private language. Communicating in ways other than the world communicates was natural.

In high school, I started to have some visions of things that were about to happen with people outside of my family. So, the way of communication was expanding beyond that with my twin sister.

As I got older and learned about channeling and past lives and other metaphysical things, I wanted to experience these for myself. I started attending a meditation group where I learned how others meditated, and through another’s channeling, I heard the voice of Spirit. The information that Spirit brought was always interesting and loving.

Soon I began channeling and healing for others. I’ve learned through Spirit about unconditional love. I’ve learned that each person is unique and each person’s needs are unique, so the way to help one person is different from the way to help another person. Besides being unique, we are all One. Spirit takes us to the place where we are all One. We all reside in God. Healing is letting go of those things that keep us from knowing this. The constant lesson always learned from Spirit is that love and forgiveness heal everything

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