Healing Session

The Healing Session

First I would want to know about you, things such as your name and date of birth, partner, children and any other pertinent information. And I would want to know about your problem. Getting to know you through your answers helps to illuminate the problem and the way through it. The purpose of the discussion is to turn it all over to Spirit and Spirit’s unconditional love. Then it is time to relax and be quiet inside. This period of being quiet helps you settle into that love and opens you further to the help that is available.

Then Spirit speaks and guides you to places where the problem can be seen in different ways. There may be guidance to clear energy in the body or the mind or the emotions. Throughout, the way that clearing takes place is through love and forgiveness. When you love, you are extending yourself and Spirit and God to the problem. Forgiveness releases the problem from your mind. When your mind is clear, it is open to the Truth that is God. In that Truth, no problem can exist. Love and forgiveness, then, are the basis for healing.

Spirit guides you through all the steps of the healing. When you have received that love and forgiveness and have extended it to the places that were holding the problem, the healing is oftentimes extended through all lifetimes that this issue has touched. Love and forgiveness erase it through time and space until it is clear. You are guided to assist with the love and forgiveness, so that these tools are available when you leave the session.

When all is complete, Spirit guides you to come back to consciousness. The healings are always gentle and loving. Most people feel relaxed and lifted when the session is complete. The blessings of Spirit go with you when you leave.

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